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UUR is a program for Utah K-12 students

Utah Underwater robotics is a program with the vision of helping middle and elementary school students become introduced into the stem field. The program is designed to be a friendly and simple way to help teachers and students understand more about robotics and their real world applications.

EVENTs at a glance

Teacher Kick-off meeting

This year is coming to a great start, we are having a teachers kick-off meeting to get things started with the schools. All are welcome to attend, we will be answering questions and taking suggestions about what to do better this year at. The meeting will also cover basics of helping the kids learn and do well in the program. If there is anything you would like us to cover let us know. We will be hosting the meeting at BYU on Thusday, 25th October. See ya’ll there.


We have a calendar that will be visible on the website It will have the upcoming events and all the details of what will happen then. You can view the calendar here.

this years competition

This years competition will be on Thursday 28th March 2019. We will be updating the information on the website over the next few weeks so stay tuned.


If you would like to learn more about our program and how we could potentially benefit you; or if you are a teacher looking for a way to help your students learn more about real-world applications of technology click on the links below.


Thank you to our sponsors!

Thanks so much to our sponsors US Synthetic for their day of service in helping us prepare for this years upcoming Under Water Robotics Competition!