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Q1. Is there a fee to participate in the UUR program?

No, there is currently no participation fee. UUR is a volunteer-run program. However there is a $10 per team fee to compete in the annual competition.

Q2. What is the participant age group?

The UUR program is primarly for middle school-aged students, between 6th and 9th grade. However, we have had teams as young as 2nd grade participate in the past.

Q3. Do you provide batteries for the ROVs?

We provide batteries for the competition day. Schools can also purchse their own for testing. We recommend using a 12V 7-amp rechargeable lead acid battery.

Q4. Do you have a pool we can practice in?

We have a 12-foot diameter practice pool that schools will be able to rent from us for testing purposes. Other than that, participants are responsible for finding their own practice pools. An inexpensive alternative to practicing in a pool is buying a watering trough or small inflatable pool. We also recommend reaching out to school or community pools and asking if they’d allow practice in their facilities.

Q5. When is the annual competition?

Mid-March. You can find all of the information (exact date, times, etc.) about the competition here.

Q6. How long is the program?

We kickoff the program each fall, typically in November. Students then have four months to build their ROVs before the competition in March.

Q7. How do I get involved?

To get involved, please contact us at

Q8. Are there instructional resources available to participants?

Yes, we have many helpful resources on our website, including building instructions and xx. MATE and Seapearch also have great resources for building ROVs.