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Each year, we have a growing number of students that participate in Utah Underwater Robotics.  Participants start building their ROVs in the fall during in-school and after-school programs, and compete in an annual competition every March. They’re able to learn the following skills through building their ROVs:

  • Basic circuits
  • Engineering design process
  • Innovation
  • Simple robots
  • Buoyancy and density
  • Material science

The annual UUR competition simulates a real life underwater situation, such as collecting biological samples, maneuvering through difficult terrain, or retrieving lost items underwater.

We coordinate with schools to help students get involved with this program. To get your school involved, please contact Send an email with your name and the name of your school.  

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Many of our teams have wonderful volunteers who visit schools regularly to help students build their ROVs. Volunteers are an invaluable resource, and UUR wouldn’t be a success without them.

To be a volunteer, please contact Send an email with your name and a little bit about yourself.