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Competition Rules

This year’s competition is a simulation of retrieving samples from and repairing a research buoy in Utah Lake.

In many lakes, research buoys are used to monitor the lake environment and pollution levels. One such buoy is in Utah Lake to specifically study the algae bloom, but it needs maintenance. The battery pack is malfunctioning, damaging the buoy and instruments. The research company that owns the buoy has hired you to disconnect the battery as soon as possible, and then return it to the surface. They also would like you to collect four of the toxin-test rings from along the buoy’ tether so they can be analyzed. Finally, you should deliver a new battery pack to the buoy so it can return to normal operation. 


Here are the documents covering the competition in more detail:

Competition Overview PDF

ROV Mission Scoresheet PDF

Poster Scoresheet PDF

Mission Prop Specs PDF