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The annual underwater robotics competition is held each year at the Lehi Legacy Center in March.  Participants prepare their robots all school year to compete in this competition. For more about the competition and its rules visit Competition Rules.

This years 2019 UUR competition will be held Thursday, March 28th. We will be posting the mission documents shortly.

You can access previous years competition details, pictures and winners in our history section.


Mission overview

This year’s competition is a simulation of a restoration project for Utah Lake.

 During the Pleistocene epoch (also known as the Ice Age), much of Utah was covered by Lake Bonneville, an enormous body of water that covered over 20,000 square miles. Most of that water has since drained away, leaving behind what is now known as Utah Lake, one of the largest freshwater lakes west of the Mississippi and the only native home of the June sucker fish, an endangered species. However, Utah Lake has become polluted and overcome with invasive species such as carp and algae.

 You have been hired by a non-profit organization to aid in the restoration of Utah Lake. They built a machine to help purify the water, but it has become covered in trash and is inaccessible. You will need to design and build an ROV that can clean up the trash, deposit a tank of chemicals to balance pH levels, and reintroduce native fish to the lake, all while avoiding getting tangled in the the toxic algae that covers the lake bottom. Good luck!


What has happened so far

We have been working hard to get things going for this years competition. We are busy working on some competition documents and resources to help you and your teams start building your ROV’s. Our sponsor US Synthetic just helped us build some of the props that we will be using in this years competition.


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